Sugary Reviews

At Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs, we are indulgent in spreading the cheer of edible art and we are delighted at how you all help us spread the joy! Here are some sugary reviews from ya’ll!

Thanks for posting! <3

Once again CLAPPINGGGGGGGGGG TALIYANNNNNNNNNNNNNN for the most AWSOME BESTEST LOVLIEST cakes i got today which made my day soooooo ESPECIAL :D …the newborn baby cake for my sista frend was amazing the choco nuts in it were uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm…ahhhhhh ! the babys dad was like that… cakes we usually get at home stay in the fridge for long but this one is not lasting the night thru lolzzz n wat to talk of the awsome surprise PANDUZZZZZ cake lol the look u must hv seen on my face there :P heheh speechless i was n amazingly it tastedu can guess it by this that i hv eaten half of the bigggg panda myself till now lolzzz……..
hatss of to u ! may ALLAH give u the best of ur health n everything so that u stay a special part of ur life forever ameen n inshALLAH :)Maria Shabbir

Amazing work Nabia, every time I have ordered something ppl have loved it, they just feel like keeping it as a show piece rather than having it…..Thanks a billion fr making my cakes on a day’s notice……owe u a lot!!!!:)Love u sooooo much…muah ~ Serena Hasan

I am really thankful for the effort you put in designing my order especially ahead before communicated time. The cake was much more than my expectations infact it was up to the par(though didn’t lucky enough to see it LIVE as was away somewhere) you really didn’t let me down as I was over confident by not letting any of my siblings to order another cake from local bakery. My mother was super excited & admiring each & every node.   ~ Nadia Raza:

The cupcakes were absolutely stunning and made a special day even more special…N frm what I hear from my better half they tasted out of this world :-) so Thanku very much Sugar n Crumbs can’t wait for the next Valentine’s Day :-)  ~ Saad Jawed

The Valentine’s day cuppies were my first experience of Sugar n’ Crumbs, and i was throughly satisfied and impressed… They were firstly a TREAT to the eye :D the gorgeous and chic setting of the cuppies inside the box, on the lacey border, and wrapped with the ribbon, all BEAUTIFUL :) and not just pretty to the eyes, they were YUMMMMMMY as well…. Freshly baked, melting in the mouth!! and last but not the least, one thing that was a relief for me specially, was the STURDY Sugar n’ Crumbs BOX…. coz i had gone picked the cuppies with friends in a cab, and we went to have dinner later on… my utmost fear was that the cuppies might get ruined… But they DID NOT!!! The box, the setting, everything was AWESOME!!

Keep up the GREAT work Nabia :)Marzieh Akhtari 

I ordered a wedding anniversary cake for my dearest and only sister. She also gave birth to a lovely baby boy at that time, hence I ordered birth announcement cupcakes for her as well. I was really impressed by both the products delivered to my sister, and got a positive feedback from them.
This meant a lot to me as well since I am living abroad and wanted to participate in the birth announcement somehow. Nabia understood the requirement perfectly, and she made my sister’s day very very special by making very cute cupcakes. She coordinated with my family well, and the delivery was done on time, and in very nice packaging.

I would surely recommend Nabia and her efforts, and would love to work with her again. But I would suggest her to make it more affordable to people since her charges are higher than the average market rate.

*Thumbs up Sugar n Crumbs* ~ Zainab Umar

I just had these cupcakes that I won through Rammal’s photography hub.
They were D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S ♥
Not only are they pretty looking but also taste amazing! Thankyou ♥ ~Jiah Ali

LOVEED ur cake!! it was the yummiest cake ever!! the decoration was adorable, the details were perfect, the taste was yummy, and the texture was very light n moist!! most perfect cake ever!! ~ Ayesha Zafar-Kashif  

♥♥ I just loved the cake♥ Truly delicious….The cake was truly wonderful both in appearance and in taste. The details were incredible ♥ it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT,everyone loved the cake. The colors were perfect and it was so delicious…<3 thanku! ~ Sama Sikandar  

Sooooo sorry for the late feedback my net was acting funny. I got the fatherz day cupcakes n they were deliciousssss n crafted beautifully n the expression my baba had on his face after seeing so many tiny things n tools was so cute the smile hehehe priceless :) he said they tasted v good unlike the stuff we get in the market. Thanku so much Nabiaa. we loveeee u !!!! ~Maria Shabbir

Yaar this purple crumble craze isnt just lovely as it luks but also delicious lyk hell! i ordered it on my mom’s bday n ma family is in luv wid this gal’s work! :) u rock Nabia! :)Awais Rizwan 

Hey Nabia! That cake was awesome and it surely added life to her surprise birthday.She absolutly loved it!! Thankyou so much and i’d definatly be wanting another from you soon! :DShahan Haider 

The cupcakes are gorgeous! thank you soo soo much! They are so pretty dont dare eating them haha :P very yummmyyy! delicious! ♥ ur the best! mwah! and yes, the upside down Monkey, was the cutest i dint let anyone eat that one and saved it for tonight lol! yess yess it made my day! I wonder what it would be like if u werent sickish! hehe ♥ ~ Archia Aziz 

THEY DID!!!! (make his day) Your cupcakes were his 86th Birthday Cake. Check the snaps. Although my father is a sugar patient and normally avoids sweets etc but he had two of your cupcakes because they were extreeemely YUMMY. Rest of the clan had the same opinion. Keep up the good work and I’m forwarding your contacts to all my friends and family members. ~ Ali Khan
Best wishes,

THANKU!!!!..the cake rocked with itz display and taste!!!! it was truly a hit…every1 loved it!!… It was just fabuloussssss!!!!….. It shows that you do this because you love it…:) ~ Zoha Iqtidar Chaudhary

Thank you Nabia!!
I know that just by writing I can’t really explain the happiness your cake filled in the party but the cake was amazing and it just made me more inquisitive and now I wanna try more
You know how special it was and you didnt let me down :)Shahan Haider

 Every girl dreams of getting married one day and plans for every minute detail of that big day. I had always wanted a three tiered cake on my wedding but during those hectic pre-wedding preparation days, I realized I couldn’t find anyone who could fulfill my dream. I was all panicky and stressed out, that is when Nabia Mehmud came to my rescue with her Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs creation. She promised me she would make me a wedding cake exactly how I want it to be, right from the colours matching my bridal dress to the piping work on the cake. She kept her promise and the cake was so delectable that it was gone in no time, right up to the last crumb! I would highly recommend Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs to anyone who wants to make their special moments truly unforgettable! ~ Mehreen Riaz Faisal

I Ordered a two tiered Cake for my 13th Bday with the blue Butterflies;
Thank you so freaking much!!
It was amazing I laaaved it! ~ Eeman Mahmud 

I got an Alice in Wonderland Cake; 3 tiered, one tier strawberry, two tiers chocolate on a 24 hours notice. Great effort on short notice, great design and details,  But still appreciate the effort and the great taste! ~ Sabrina Ahmad

Uzair Alvi (filled out a review form we had provided)

Q: Where are you located?

Q: How did you hear about Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs?
A: Facebook

Q: Quality of Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products:
A: Fresh and well baked. We devoured it, Even after a week it tasted as fresh as of the first day of baking.

Q: Taste of  Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products:
A: Very home made yet exquisite.

Q: Price of  Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products:
A: Slightly on the higher side but i dont have much idea about customized cakes, so may be thats ok.

Q: Design of  Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products:
A: One of its kind. Thats the major attraction. May be a little higher price doesnt pinch you when you look at the final design of the product.

Q: My Attitude in dealing with you:
A: Very friendly, professional and cooperative.

Q: Punctuality & Accuracy of S’n’C Order:
A: You kept your words and it was delivered exactly at the same time. Your confirmation call also exceeded the expectation.

Q: Packaging of S’n’C Order:
A: More than my expectation. I wasnt expecting Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs to have its own packaging, so after getting a boxed product in hand, I was much impressed.